Feedback on your Beatles cover

Are you in a need of advice on a specific area of your Beatles performance/covers (vocal or instrumental)?

I can teach you how to get your audience to say, “It was the best Beatles cover EVER!!”
Just as it happened for this cover I posted on Youtube that made more than 220.000 views and this other one that made more than 53.000.

Do you aim for the same result?

You can submit your cover to me for feedback and take advantage of my advice and suggestions before posting it on Facebook or Youtube or prior to perform the song live so that you can maximize the chances to achieve the maximum views you deserve and overwhelm the other Beatles Tribute Bands.

How it works

1) Contact me at
2) I will give you instructions on how to send me an mp3 file of the song
3) Let me know if you are looking for focus on any specific areas
4) After my confirmation that I will accept the review, you will make your payment through Paypal, Credit card or Bank money wire transfer
5) As soon as I receive your payment I will advise you
6) I will provide the feedback to you in a video format by uploading it to Dropbox or other file sharing sites you prefer.


The cost for this consulting is 40 euro per song.

Apply NOW by writing me at:

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